Workin’ at the car wash – Brock Tubb

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Tipping your waiter might not be common practice in Australia, but there are still some jobs where you can make a few extra dollars – although it is usually by accident. Don’t worry, there is nothing shady about this.

If you have ever used the vacuum cleaners at a carwash, you will know what we mean. With the wind and noise of a cyclone in your hands, it is not surprising that people accidently tip their local car detailers as they jam the nozzle into every crack and crevasse of their automobile.

Usually, the vacuum is filled with dirt, dust, and the remains of those late-night Macca’s runs. But every now and again, something extra turns up.

Brock from Hoppy’s Carwash Express in Pimpama explained, “there is always so much random stuff that gets sucked up. Always money and sometimes the odd set of keys.

“Not long ago a person sucked up a set of keys to their garage. The vacuum got clogged and we couldn’t understand why. Then a week later the person came in and said they think they may have vacuumed their garage remote. We had a look and we found it.”

Mystery solved.  

Portrait of EPIC Assist participant Brock Tobb
Portrait of EPIC Assist participant Brock Tobb

Brock is new to the car washing industry, starting at Hoppy’s Express Pimpama in early 2022. During his job search, Brock was very particular with what he was looking for and what would work around his health conditions.

“Towards the end of last year, I was in a car crash in Southport [Gold Coast]. It was big and it left me bedridden for a few months afterwards just from the pain. I’ve slowly been through physio and gotten myself back into shape. I’m doing a lot better than what I was. Still not fully recovered but I’m doing a lot better.”

During his recovery, Brock was contacted by EPIC Assist (EPIC) to see if he needed any support in the job search.

EPIC Assist (EPIC) is a not-for-profit Disability Employment Services (DES) provider that supports people like Brock to find and keep a job they love.

Not long after this, Brock was put in contact with Dina at the EPIC Helensvale office.

“Brock was one of my first participants when I started at the Helensvale office,” she said.

“He’s got a lot of self-initiative and that’s a really big quality for anyone to have.”

EPIC Assist participant Brock Tobb outside Hoppy's Carwash
EPIC Assist participant Brock Tobb outside Hoppy’s Carwash
Participant Brock Tobb and EPIC Assist employment consultant Dina Te Kowhai at Hoppy's Express Carwash, Pimpama
Participant Brock with EPIC employment consultant Dina

His self-initiative truly paid off for Brock, going out on his own to secure employment at Hoppy’s.

“At the time, I was looking at what jobs there were out there and what I could and couldn’t do,” he said.

“I came through to Hoppy’s and had a talk with the boss. He told me I could do a couple of trial runs. I’ve been here ever since. Everyone in the business is friendly. They are always super helpful and respectful.”

Employment Consultants Dina and Lee from EPIC Helensvale then focused their efforts on supporting Brock through employment.

“The support from EPIC has always been really good,”

Brock said.

“Dina and Lee have always been in contact and asking if there is anything that needs to be done and if there is, they always make sure it is sorted.”

“I think the key to providing good support is checking in that everything is going okay and always letting them know that we are here to support,” Dina said.

“Our door is always open, and the phone is always available if you ever need to talk.”

Dina Said.

If you are looking for some extra support in your job search, contact our friendly team at EPIC Assist today.

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