What we believe in

Our core values

Our mission, vision and core values underpin everything we do.

Diversity in our workforce

We lead by example with our hiring practices because diversity is good for everyone.

EPIC is not-for-profit

Being a not-for-profit organisation  means we can reinvest our profits into helping our job seekers succeed.

Our commitment to reconciliation

Our vision is to make a difference in the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who are vulnerable and/or encounter barriers to employment.

Our 10/10 customer experience

We proactively seek feedback from our customers so we can deliver an outstanding experience every time.

Disability service standards

Our services align with the National Standards for Disability Services.


At EPIC our staff members are passionate and driven. We know that our job makes a difference in people’s lives, and are working hard to create a fair and equal society for people with disability.