What to expect

Your disability should never stand in the way of finding a job you love. We believe everybody has a right to work, and we will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your employment goals.

Who we support

We support people who have a disability, injury, mental health condition or health condition to find and keep a job they love.

We have put together the below guides of the main disability types to help you get a head-start on your search for employment.

How we’ll support you

Mental health service

We provide mental health support services to help you with strategies which promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

On-the-job training and support for as long as you need us

We provide you with on-the-job training and support once you are employed, working alongside you in your workplace for as long as you need us – that could be six months, a year or longer.

That’s where EPIC is different to other providers – we’re here for the long run. We won’t just find you a job, we are committed to helping you keep your job.

We walk the talk

1 in 3 EPIC employees has lived experience with disability, which gives us a valuable and different perspective. We draw upon the insights and life experiences of our staff with disability to greater understand and meet the needs of our job seekers.

You’re in control

You have the right to decide what services you receive, and when. You can choose:

  • where and when you meet with EPIC during business hours
  • how you’d like to receive communication from EPIC
  • who your Employment Consultant is
  • what activities you complete that will contribute to reaching your goals
  • what information is shared with potential employers.

At EPIC we understand a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work. We take the time to get to know your individual talents, skills and personality. If you need some training to reach your goals, we’ll help organise it. And when you’re ready, we’ll help you find a job that you’re proud of.

“I always feel respected, understood and supported at EPIC. My limitations are taken into account without taking away from my goals, abilities, strengths and determination. I appreciate that a lot. It’s something that was missing from my previous provider.” – Sky, Upper Mount Gravatt

Samantha Garbutt, the Operations Manager of Australian Spatial Analytics, Seath Holswich from EPIC Assist. Harrison and Louis from ASA. Standing in fornt of the ASA sign
“My life has finally started to stabilise since I started working here. I haven’t been stable for almost three years. And this is starting to get me there,” said Louis, Data Analyst at ASA.

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