EPIC Fact:In 2021 our disability employment services assisted over 5,900 people on their employment journey

Empowering change

“Lauren hiring me has just made a big difference in my life. I got learning difficulties, speech problems, ADHD, ADD, but it doesn’t stop me. Me, I’ve got disabilities but I’ve got heaps of skills.” – Simon Richardson, EPIC participant and Yard Hand at QCamel.

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An Aboriginal artwork telling EPIC's story.
Ngana Yanda Ngalingali by Leah Cummins

Telling EPIC Assist’s story through art

EPIC Assist is privileged to engage with Aboriginal artist and proud Mayi woman Leah Cummins to tell the history, story, vision, and mission of our disability employment services. This piece shows the journey to connect with community and provide support to people with disability.