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“Lauren hiring me has just made a big difference in my life. I got learning difficulties, speech problems, ADHD, ADD, but it doesn’t stop me. Me, I’ve got disabilities but I’ve got heaps of skills.” – Simon Richardson, EPIC participant and Yard Hand at QCamel.

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Clouds in the sky. Inside one of the clouds it says "Misconceptions about cerebral palsy"

Misconceptions about cerebral palsy

Complex health conditions such as cerebral palsy (CP) are widely misunderstood. Across the globe, almost 17 million people...
Flowers with text in front, saying "Happy Mother's Day. Celebrating the mothers of children with disability.

Happy Mother's Day: celebrating our EPIC mums of children with disability

At times it is thankless, and the work never really ends, but you can’t be replaced and there’s...
Jaxon working in the kitchen at McDonald's.

Determination and support led to employment success

Finding a job can be a rigid process. Each application has the same method of submitting your CV,...
Banner for EPIC's fundraising program featuring different career possibilities such as landscaping, technology, hospitality and retail. The text says: Support a student with disability achieve their dreams.
Make a difference for students with disability

Donate to change a life

We believe everyone has the right to education and meaningful employment. No one should be left behind in the classroom because they have a disability. Your donation makes it possible for students with disability to realise their potential and kickstart their career dreams.