Empowering change

“We spoke with EPIC and explained that we were looking to provide employment opportunities to people who desperately needed work. I had great confidence that the team at EPIC would find the right people because they know their candidates so well, and work with them so closely. [Our EPIC participants] have certainly made an incredible difference to our business.”
– Lauren Brisbane, QCamel director.

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A blue background with a graphic of a man and a women sitting in chairs chatting. next to this graphic is a title that says "mental health blog series: Darian"

Mental health blog series: Darian

In recognition of Mental Health Month, EPIC has released a mental health blog series highlighting the stories of...
a portrait photo of a women with long brown hair and is smiling. Next to the photo is text saying 'mental health blog series: willow'

Mental health blog series: Willow

In recognition of Mental Health Month EPIC has released a mental health blog series highlighting the stories of...
a older women and a young man stand together in front of a window and small garden. The window has a sign that says "May Eleanor". The man is wearing a zip-up back jacket and the women is wearing a black and white patterned dress.

The unexpected place Kai found his dream job

After working as a bartender for most of his professional life, Kai ended up landing a job in...
We've been changing lives for 30 years

Here's to the next 30

Over the last 30 years, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people with disability find meaningful employment. We’ve seen and done some pretty EPIC things during our 3 decades of disability employment services, and we’re committed to making the next 30 just as EPIC.