Our people

EPIC’s leadership team is a driving force in the success we’ve achieved over 30 years. Our leaders passionately believe that everyone has a right to work, and are committed to creating employment opportunities for people with disability every day.

Our board of directors

EPIC’s board of directors brings immense value to our team through a broad range of knowledge, experience and insight.

Our leadership team

EPIC’s leadership team live and breathe our core values of kindness and respect and empowering people and communities to realise what’s possible.

Our organisation

Our organisation’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is visualised through a sunflower.

Real people. Real jobs. Realise what’s possible with EPIC Assist.

From visiting the workplace to gain a first-hand understanding of how the employer’s business runs, to providing our participants with on-the-job support for as long as they need to succeed, we do everything we can to ensure long-term, sustainable job outcomes.