Top tips on how to be a more disability inclusive business

Monday, 29 July 2019

Becoming more disability inclusive will not only help you build a business that better represents our society (1 in 5 Australians live with disability), it will also help you realise a range of other business benefits.

Here are four tips from local disability employment specialists, EPIC Assist, to help your business build a more disability inclusive workforce.

1. Start with your staff

Because so many businesses are not disability-friendly, customers with disability tend to become loyal, long-standing customers to businesses that are. A great way to build a disability-friendly business is to start by building a disability inclusive workforce. Who better to provide guidance on how to make improvements from a disability perspective, than a person with disability?

2. Invest in diversity training

Disability and mental health awareness training can help develop practical strategies and tools that encourage your business to create a more supportive, positive, and productive environment. An investment in disability and mental health awareness is an investment in your team’s wellbeing.

3. Foster a safe environment

Employees should feel comfortable asking for reasonable adjustments and safe disclosing a disability or mental health condition. Positive workplace culture encourages the creation of spaces where people feel supported and good about coming to work.

4. Get advice from the experts

If you’ve never hired someone with disability you may be unsure where to start. Specialist disability employment services, like EPIC Assist, can work with you to help you to break down the barriers around hiring people with disability, and help you to connect with suitable candidates.

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