By employing people with disability, your business can experience a competitive advantage through the power of a diverse workforce.

Looking for employees

We work with talented and skilled job seekers who are ready and willing to work. They just need the right opportunity to prove themselves.

Diversity and inclusion training

Become an inclusive employer with our professional development workshops which help your organisation build confidence in disability and equity.

employers we are currently working with.
employers have placed 2 or more job seekers in the last year.
Matt and Mitchell stand behind Brouhaha bar. The white tiles behind them are covered in grafitti and below that is the colourful beer taps.
A mentally healthy workplace benefits everyone. Get the support your business needs today.

Support employee mental health

We understand that your employees’ mental health and wellness has everything to do with the success of your business. The presence of mental health conditions in the workplace is not an ‘if’, but a ‘when’. That’s why we work with businesses to build safe workplace environments that support employees.

Learn how EPIC can support mental health in your workplace. 

Why choose us?

Corporate social responsibility is a major focus for businesses who understand the importance of being a diverse and inclusive employer. When you connect with EPIC, you are providing employment opportunities for people with disability, either directly or indirectly. That opens up a world of opportunities for businesses.

Why this cafe gave Adam his first big break

“People are missing out if they don’t give people with disability a chance, seriously, they’re missing out.” We worked with Ian from Tattooed Sailor to find him an employee who not only fit the role perfectly but has lifted staff morale and customer satisfaction.

Learn more about corporate social responsibility