How will you share kindness this Feel Good February?

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you brighten someone else’s day with a random act of kindness.

This simple gesture has an immeasurable value. Kindness is contagious, and research has shown that the positive effects of kindness are experienced by everyone who witnesses the act, creating a domino effect that improves dozens of people’s day.

Feel Good February is a movement dedicated to this feeling. It’s committed to inspiring and reminding the community to share their happiness and initiate random acts of kindness.

Through this selfless generosity and giving, we have the chance to make a difference in someone’s life, improve our own mental wellbeing and health, and create an inclusive community where everyone feels like they belong.

In support of Feel Good February, we asked our staff one simple question: “How will you share kindness this Feel Good February?”

EPIC Assist’s acts of kindness

  1. Be spontaneous
  2. Write positive sticky notes
  3. Take my mum out for breakfast
  4. Thank someone I appreciateEPIC staff member Mandy holds her Feel Good February message: "thank someone I appreciate."
  5. Smile at strangers
  6. Tell my family that I love them
  7. Help my siblings with their homework
  8. Cook a family dinner for my housemates
  9. Pick up litter on my morning walks
  10. Refill the lolly jar at my work
  11. Hold open doors for people
  12. Be more patientEPIC staff member Juliet holds her Feel Good February: "Be patient"
  13. Donate blankets for wildlife impacted by bushfires
  14. Pay for someone’s morning coffee
  15. Lend a friend my favourite book
  16. Volunteer
  17. Bring cakes in for my co-workers
  18. Donate my old clothes
  19. Walk my neighbour’s dog
  20. Listen and empathise

We’d love to hear what you will be doing this Feel Good February to share kindness with your community – share them with us on Facebook!

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