“Peter is Petite Waffles, he brings such an amazing atmosphere to this company.” – Eli.

Monday, 25 June 2018

The success of Petite Waffles was revolutionised when they began hiring people with disability, says manager Eli.

Petite Waffles began working with EPIC six years ago, first bringing Peter aboard before hiring an additional three people with disability. Eli is passionate about the change brought to the company, speaking highly of the fresh ideas that have come about through incorporating diversity into their family business.

“Peter is one of our workers, we absolutely adore him, and we love him coming in,” says Eli.

“Peter is Petite Waffles, he brings such an amazing atmosphere to this company.”

Eli says he has learnt a lot from Peter, who contributes valuable perspectives to the Petite Waffles team.

“He has taught me that there are bigger things in life, and not to be sad about the bad things,” says Eli.

“I’ve been down and Peter has brought me back up.”

Eli is thankful for the support and tailored experience EPIC have provided, making hiring new staff a seamless experience.

“EPIC have chosen the right people for us, you can talk to them about what you do and what you need,” says Eli.

“These people are eager to work, and we receive great support from EPIC.”

“We recently hired Daniel through EPIC, and I noticed he was a little quiet during his first week. I called EPIC and the next day they sent out a support worker to work with Daniel. That was so good for him, in less than 24 hours EPIC got someone out here.”

“Whenever I need someone I can just call EPIC. They’re very quick and hands on with us and that’s a good thing,” he says.

Petite Waffles believe they won’t ever stop working with EPIC and hiring people with disability. The experience has changed both the business and Eli personally.

“We’ll never stop working with EPIC, we are a family now,” says Eli.

“Working with people with a disability has given me such a good feeling. It’s great to see our staff go from being shy in their first few days, then becoming comfortable and showing their awesome personalities.”

“I’ve become passionate about helping people with disability and have decided to undertake a Certificate IV in Disability. EPIC will help guide me through that, which is great.”

Eli is certain if other businesses give people with disability a chance, they will experience business benefits.

“There seems to be so much stigma around hiring someone with a disability. Business owners get scared, they don’t know what they are going into,” says Eli.

“But people with disability are like you and I. If employers give it one chance, they are going to find it’s so good for them and their business.”