Benefits for employers

When hiring your next team member, cast the net a little wider. By hiring people with disability, you can ensure your business isn’t missing out on reaching its full potential.

Don’t miss out on bright ideas

People with disability are often innovative problem solvers because they’re constantly having to adapt to the world around them. Because people with disability can’t always do things the same way as others, they’re forced to ‘think outside the box’, be creative and be solutions-focused in their approach to life. These are transferable skills that could take your business to the next level.

Don’t miss out on unique perspectives

Employing people with disability can help your business improve and grow its goods and services, to make them more disability-friendly. Who better to provide guidance on how to make improvements from a disability perspective, than a person with disability?

“EPIC have chosen the right people for us who are eager to work. One of our EPIC employees Peter, has taught me that there are bigger things in life, and not to be sad about the bad things.” – Petite Waffles, NPS feedback

Leara working at the Church Pharmacy
Leara is a vital member of the team at Church Pharmacy.

Don’t miss out on customers

Many people with disability are vocal about which businesses are disability-friendly, and are keen to share that information with their friends, family and other people with disability. With one in five Australians having a disability, a major customer cohort is slipping through your fingers if you’re not actively aware of the needs of people with disability. Because so many businesses are not disability-friendly, customers with disability tend to become loyal, long-standing customers of businesses that are.

Don’t miss out on loyal, dependable staff

Research on workers with disability show they often have lower absenteeism, lower incidence of workplace injury and less employee turnover. These factors all contribute to a strong workplace culture, while positively impacting a business’ bottom line.

“I have used EPIC for year and I think it is nice that I can help people that need a job, and EPIC are always able to find me suitable and dependable staff. They often go above and beyond with what they do.” – Spot Productions, NPS feedback 

Don’t miss out on a great workplace culture

Employees in inclusive workplaces are more likely to be engaged, motivated and productive. When workplaces are seen to be environments where people’s differences are welcomed and accepted, employees will typically stay in their roles for longer.

SEVA Engineering Manager Steve Harper (second from left) with EPIC job seekers Tracy, Nick, Korey and Levi
SEVA Manager Steve Harper (second from left) with EPIC’s Tracy, Nick, Korey and Levi.

Don’t miss out on the best reputation

Customers like to see the diversity of society reflected within a business’s workforce. Studies have shown employees and customers are more loyal to organisations that demonstrate they value diversity and inclusion. In addition, many contracts and tenders now require organisations to demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Find out what it’s really like to have a person with disability in your business

For The Tattooed Sailor, bringing Adam on board was a “no-brainer,” and the cafe has reaped the benefits ever since.