Jono shares his experience managing his money

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

We recently spoke with Jono, one of our former job seekers, who shared his experience managing his money. As Jono has found out, life is much easier when you know how to budget. How you spend your money can have a profound impact on your future.

“When you’re making money, you also have to learn to save money as well,” says Jono.

As most people learn, small purchases here and there can add up quickly. But on top of your regular grocery and petrol bill, there is often a layer of irregular expenses that are all too easy to forget.

“Things like food and taxes, it’s all good, but you also have to pay registration for your car which is expensive,” says Jono.

Learning to manage money can take a while – it’s a lifetime of practice and choices that only become habits with continued effort. But as Jono has learnt, the effort is most definitely worth the results.

“When you get the money, it’s then not spending it frivolously, which I’ve come to learn over ten years – took me about a decade, but I’m starting to get that right now,” says Jono.

Jono stresses that budgeting is a balance. Being good with money is about more than paying the bills on time. Rewarding yourself is also important, and it’s essential to learn how to save for both the daily life expenses and the things that you want.

“You should buy things you need and also things you enjoy, which is a good reward for all of your hard work Monday to Friday,” says Jono.

It’s never too late to start your budgeting journey. There are some really simple steps that you can put into practice to get your feet on the right track.

One common misconception is that it’s impossible to eat healthy or have fun on a budget. This certainly isn’t true. From meal prepping, to swapping your regular pastry from the corner store with a packed lunch, there are many easy and achievable steps you can adopt in your everyday routine.

If you track your spending, set achievable goals, and keep a grounded perspective, it’s amazing how much you can achieve with just a few simple changes.

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