John Williams works at ISS (no, not the composer, nor the space station)

Thursday, 23 June 2022

When looking for employment, a bit of help from someone you trust can make all the difference.

Just ask John.

John was looking for suitable employment for some time.

He had been to several employment services in the Tweed region over the years, but nothing worked for him.

It wasn’t until his previous employment service recommended EPIC Assist (EPIC) that things turned around.

“My previous employment service told me to come down and see Neil at EPIC,” John said.

“Neil’s been great. I couldn’t ask for anybody nicer. The other services aren’t even in the ballpark.”

John explained that Neil helped him land the job he had been chasing for more than two years.

John Williams smiles at the camera in Tweed Heads
John Williams – Tweed Heads

“Neil’s helped me get my foot in the door,” he said.

“If I had any dramas, I’d ring Neil and he’d sort it out.”

John works for ISS – a cleaning service that specialises in COVID-19 and all-purpose cleaning.

“I’m working at Pottsville Beach Public School,” he said.

“I’m lovin’ it. It’s better than being a brickies’ labourer, and it’s a lot easier on the back and the body. I did that for over 25 years.”

John explained that even when he faces challenges at work, he always remembers how lucky he is.

John came to EPIC after an injury he sustained during the recent major floods in the region.

“During the floods, we had raw sewage in the garage, and I had to put our cars up on Besser blocks.

“Because of that, I got an infection in my leg.

“But I was able to save the cars.”

Despite the knock to John’s health, he maintains a positive attitude.

“I’ve lived on this street all my life,” he said.

“We were one of the lucky ones, compared to the places around us.

“We had two major floods in a month. In the first lot of floods, we lost a fair bit of stuff. We were lucky the second time. I was a bit more prepared for it.”

Having the job at ISS meant John was able to keep the lights on and help maintain that positive outlook on life.

“Working at the school’s been great,” he said.

“I’m on a mop and bucket most of the time, vacuum cleaner, wiping down tables. The kids are all friendly. In the morning, they all say good morning, John!”

Great work, John, we wish you all the best in whatever lies ahead.

If you or someone you know has a disability, injury, mental health condition or health condition and is looking for extra support finding employment, contact EPIC today.

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