“I’ve come a long way and I’m showing people what’s possible.” – Anthony

Thursday, 14 March 2019

At EPIC Assist (EPIC), we’re committed to ensuring our trainees feel confident and ready to enter the workforce. After two years of working at EPIC, Anthony has proven that nothing can stand in his way. Anthony recently completed his Certificate II in Business, and associated administrative work experience.

“On the front desk I answered the phones, transferred calls, emailed messages, and I also greeted the clients when they came into the office and made them feel welcome,” explains Anthony.

As Anthony is blind, he and the EPIC team experimented with a variety of different assistive technology to find a solution that works for him.

“With the phone and computer, I used Jaws, which is a talking program. It tells me what’s on the screen,” says Anthony.

“I’ve had ups and downs, and had a few extension dates because I wasn’t quite ready. But I’m pretty happy now; it’s a good outcome that I’ve achieved,” says Anthony.

Anthony says through working with EPIC, he’s joined a small community.

“I’ve met so many people throughout EPIC – people ringing up, people coming in,” says Anthony.

“My family are very proud.”

Anthony decided to commence a Certificate II in Business to prepare him for work life and increase his opportunities. Ever since then, he has been focused on the future. He’s confident that he will reach his employment goals now that he has work experience.

“David has been looking at a few jobs for me and sending my resume around,” says Anthony.

“It’s amazing, you know. I’ve come a long way and I’m showing people what’s possible.”

Anthony hopes his experience inspires other people with disability that may be struggling to realise work is possible.

“We don’t want people with disability to not be able to work,” says Anthony.

“Work is important for paying bills, catching the bus or train, moving out of home, and if people want to do any of that they have to have enough money.”

Check out the EPIC Assist website for more information on how we can help you achieve your employment goals.

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