Happy Birthday, Sharon!

Monday, 20 June 2022

Over the weekend, one of EPIC Assist’s (EPIC) dearest participants, Sharon, celebrated her 40th Birthday. The celebrations kicked off last Thursday at Sharon’s work, Coles Marsden. Sharon has worked at Coles for almost 23 years and has built a community of friends and family. At 11:30 am, a call went over the store PA system.

“Attention staff. Sharon, would you please make your way to the breakroom. Sharon, to the breakroom.”

Slowly peeking her head through the doorway, Sharon was greeted by a round of applause, beaming smiles and friendly faces waiting to say one thing.

“Happy Birthday, Sharon!”

Joining the celebrations, the team at EPIC came down to Coles Marsden to wish Sharon a happy birthday.

Sharon eating her birthday cake.
Sharon enjoying her birthday cake.
Sharon's 40th birthday cake.
Sharon’s Birthday cake at Coles Marsden.
Sharon standing behind a trolley filled with returns.
Sharon standing behind a trolley filled with returns. Sharon spends a large part of her day returning items back to the shelves.

After enjoying a few speeches and a nice slice of birthday cake, we caught up with Sharon to hear about life at Coles and turning 40.

“These are my last days of being 39,” she said.

“I am almost there!”

Spanning over a two-decade career at Coles, Sharon takes great pride in her work.

“I do the returns and fill the bread as well,” Sharon said.

“I love it so much. Everyone here is like family forever.”

Sharon explained that her longstanding career at Coles found her some popularity.

Sharon posing for a photo with her store manager Steven, Second in charge Brooke and EPIC support workers from EPIC Assist.
Sharon posing for a photo with her store manager Steven, second in charge Brooke and support workers from EPIC Assist.

“I am famous in here. I am a star,” Sharon said.

But Sharon doesn’t let fame go to her head.

“I love to help the customers and I have a good customer service because that is what is most important,” she said.

For Sharon, being able to perform at the best of her ability is important, but she acknowledges that sometimes assistance is needed.

“Andrew from EPIC Assist helps me all the time,” Sharon said.

“Andrew is awesome, because I am short, and he is tall. Andrew helps me reach the top shelves.”

If you or someone you know has a disability, injury, mental health condition, or health condition and is looking for extra support finding employment, contact EPIC today.

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