Determination and support led to employment success

Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Finding a job can be a rigid process. Each application has the same method of submitting your CV, completing an interview, offering referees, and then getting the job. Unfortunately, this process doesn’t allow for people with different communication styles to show their true potential.

Jaxon was struggling to get past the interview stage because of his speech impediment. He was very capable of each role, but employers wrongfully couldn’t look past his disability.

After not receiving the support he needed from other Disability Employment Services providers, Jaxon did a quick Google search and found EPIC Assist (EPIC).

In his first meeting at EPIC Helensvale, he met his Employment Consultant Jon and they had an immediate connection.

Jon was impressed with Jaxon’s continued enthusiasm and commitment to finding a job.

“Jaxon was always determined and enthusiastic in securing suitable employment. My main job was giving Jaxon the encouragement he needed when an interview did not secure a job and keeping him positive and focussed,” said Jon.

To help Jaxon improve his confidence during interviews, the pair performed mock interviews and prepared suitable answers to questions that employers usually ask.

After not landing a few employment opportunities, Jon had another idea.

Jaxon’s next interview was with McDonald’s Coomera. Jon accompanied Jaxon to his interview and spoke to the Shift Manager to explain Jaxon’s condition and his barriers while emphasising that he was more than capable of the role. Jon then sat with Jaxon during his interview which made Jaxon feel a lot more comfortable and confident.

Both Jaxon and Jon were delighted when they found out that he landed the role.

 “When I found out I got the job I was ecstatic and happy. This job enables me to be my normal self and making money allows me to buy things I like and help my Nanna,” said Jaxon.

“I was the same as Jaxon, I was ecstatic. We both had big smiles on our faces, giving each other high fives. I could not think of anyone more deserving of this opportunity,” said Jon.

A normal day for Jaxon in his role as Crew Member is to cook on the grill and fryer and wash trays and containers.

One of the biggest highlights about working at McDonald’s for Jaxon is his supportive team.

“My team is amazing, very nice people. It’s a fun and enjoyable environment, making jokes whilst working makes it fun and I get along with everyone,” said Jaxon.

“I feel really good that McDonald’s give people with barriers like me a chance as I have done lots of interviews but no one else gave me the opportunity.”

EPIC continues to stay in contact with Jaxon, calling him every week or so.

“Having conversations and supporting Jaxon when feels he has made mistakes reassures him that everything will be okay and that everyone makes mistakes. I am emphasising that he should not be hard on himself, to stay positive, and keep moving forward,” said Jon.

Jaxon could not be happier with the support he has received from the EPIC team. When asked what he would say to someone who was thinking of joining EPIC he stated:

“The staff are always happy and helping. EPIC will work hard to assist you in finding a job that you want to do.”

If you or someone you know has a disability, injury, mental health condition or health condition and is looking for extra support finding employment, contact EPIC today.

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