Camel careers for new recruits on Sunshine Coast

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Three young people have started new careers on the Sunshine Coast with an array of furry friends by their side. Jo, Bryce and James are the newest additions to the team at commercial camel dairy QCamel, and it’s their responsibility to ensure the camels are well loved and looked after.

QCamel director Lauren Brisbane says connecting with EPIC has been beneficial for their business, as their trio of new staff greatly contribute to the day-to-day running of the dairy.

“We spoke with EPIC and explained that we were looking to provide employment opportunities to people who desperately needed work,” explains Lauren.

“They [Jo, Bryce and James] milk our camels and look after them and their babies. They do a lot of husbandry work, and general dairy work. They have certainly made an incredible difference to our business.”

Jo says this job has given her an enormous boost and sense of purpose.

“It’s very important to be part of a community and keep yourself busy and active every day,” says Jo.

“EPIC has been so important in getting me to where I am today. They made sure I was able to get to work, and I had my uniform and was feeling great and ready to go.

“Each day they’d make sure that everything was going well, and they’d be in ongoing contact with Lauren,” she says.

Lauren also appreciated the responsive communication that EPIC provided, and their ability to match the perfect candidate to the role.

“Our relationship with EPIC was built on a lot of information going to and fro,” explains Lauren.

“We had a list of requirements that we needed filled for the roles, but it was also very important that the personality fit was right too.

“I had great confidence that the team at EPIC would find the right people because they know their candidates so well, and work with them so closely. Most of the time they immediately know the right person for the role off the top of their head,” she says.

Jo describes her job as ‘amazing’ and says she couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

“I just love working with the camels, rounding them up and playing with the babies. They’re all so gorgeous,” says Jo.

“Our team is wonderful. Everyone gets along really well, we’re all friends and we help each other out whenever we need it.

“Working here is one of the most important steps in my career so far, and I’m just thrilled to be here.”