Our 10/10 customer experience

EPIC is committed to delivering a personalised, engaging experience to our job seekers and businesses. By empowering our customers to tell us how we can improve, we can ensure a 10/10 experience is provided to every person we encounter.

What have we done to improve the experiences of our job seekers and businesses?

Since May 2016, we have been proactively seeking feedback from participants and employers regarding their experience with EPIC. Through working with Net Promoter Score (NPS), we ask our customers one ultimate question about our sevice:

How are we doing? Great (awesome), average (ok) or poor (terrible)?

The most recent survey was conducted in February 2024, where EPIC gathered information from over 2,400 customers, allowing us to capture a comprehensive picture of our customer’s views. We now know what our customers see as our strengths, and where we can improve.

“Despite the rough patch I’m going through with regards to my mental health, EPIC has been… EPIC.” – Brett
“Everyone I’ve talked to at EPIC has been really friendly and understanding which is important to me as someone with a disability.”- Miranda
“I have found in all my dealings with EPIC the staff are very efficient and treat all customers with respect.” – Stephen

How are we tracking?

EPIC is proud to have received an NPS score of 84 from our job seekers in the February 2024 survey. A score between 70-100 is considered excellent, meaning that our job seekers are happy with the service EPIC provides. In fact, 86% of job seekers surveyed in February 2024 provided positive feedback and said EPIC was meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Where to next?

We will continue using the NPS system to understand our customers’ experiences every six months. Moving forward, we will work tirelessly to achieve the very best customer experience for every single job seeker and business we work with.

By actively seeking feedback and listening to our customers, EPIC aims to deliver a 10/10 service to everybody, every day, every time, without fail, no exceptions!