Zoltan’s hospitality sweeps guests off their feet

Monday, 25 March 2024

Nestled amongst eight hectares of lush rainforest just ten minutes from the city sits the Seville Mercy Centre. The centre is one of the most popular conference, retreat, and wedding venues in Cairns, and it’s famed for its warm and friendly hospitality.

Recent addition to this hospitable team is Zoltan Lantos who’s representing the centre as a guest liaison officer. His role mostly involves hospitality.

“I clean, serve guests, and prepare the guests for the upcoming conferences,” Zoltan explained.

Zoltan secured this position at Seville Mercy Centre with the help of EPIC Assist (EPIC) and Tourism Taster Cairns. EPIC Assist is a local Disability Employment Services (DES) provider that connects job-ready people with disability with supportive and inclusive workplaces.

EPIC worked with Zolton to prepare him for work. Then, in collaboration with Tourism Taster Cairns, they linked Zolton up to Seville Mercy Centre and empowered the tourism business with the confidence, education, and resources it needed to support a staff member with disability.

Zoltan starts the day by setting up washing machines, placing down mats, and giving the rooms a quick once-over. This all happens before the manager arrives, who will hand him a checklist once they do. This checklist varies depending on what conferences are scheduled that day, and it helps keep things fresh for Zoltan as no workday feels the same as another. He also makes drinks and brews coffee for the guests.

Zoltan’s journey

When we asked Zoltan about his disability and why he came to EPIC, he told us that he has both a visual and hearing impairment.

“One of my eyes is lazy, or at least the nerves are. I can’t really see out of it – it’s all blurry. And one of my ears is also partially deaf,” said Zoltan.

He went on to say that he originally discovered EPIC through his high school St Mary’s. He had asked them for a referral to a business for him to complete a certificate, and the rest is history.

His hard work at Seville Mercy Centre gives Zoltan “two very important things:” A routine and money. It also helps him feel more fulfilled in his life; to not only have the structure that his position provides, but to also be paid for work where he can have a ‘hands-on’ experience helping people and improving their day.

Keeping guests happy and satisfied is essential to the brand and mission of Seville Mercy Centre, and, lucky for Zoltan, he has a team who make it easy to keep a grin on your face.

“The team here is great! They’re lovely people.”

Great bosses and great support

Zoltan sang praises of managers Rod and Bridie in particular, remarking that they both have a lot of experience and flexibility – two great qualities to see in a manager. Importantly, this means that not only do they have the knowledge to instruct him, but also the patience to ensure he’s retaining the information.

It’s safe to say that between Rod and Bridie, Seville Mercy Centre is the perfect workspace for Zoltan to hone his skills and foster continuous improvement.

“It’s thanks to them that I’ve made a lot of improvements in the brief time I’ve worked here. Especially in my cleaning ability. It sounds general, I know, but there’s a lot of technical work that goes into doing it right and doing it quickly.”

Thanks to the assistance of his managers, Tourism Taster Cairns, and our hardworking team at EPIC, Zoltan has developed a whole different mindset after his short time at Seville Mercy Conference Centre. Constantly improving every day, he has his sights set forward and a grin on his face.

The sky’s the limit for you, Zoltan! If you, like Zoltan, are living with a disability, injury, health condition, or mental health condition and looking to find meaningful employment, contact EPIC Assist today.

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