“Welcome to Tattooed Sailor”: one young man’s journey to employment

Friday, 23 March 2018

A popular cafe is leading the charge in creating job opportunities for people with disability in Cairns. Tattooed Sailor cafe co-owner Ian Chill, who sustained a spinal cord injury after falling 10 metres while serving in the Navy, is a passionate disability advocate and wants to level the playing field for all.

“When we first started the business, we knew we wanted to bring on people with disability; support them, give them equal employment, and encourage other businesses to do the same,” said Ian.

“Everyone deserves a fair crack.”

Adam, a young man on the autism spectrum, has been working at Tattooed Sailor for around eight months. In that time, he has become a highly valued member of the team.

“Adam is a gun worker, and he is solid. He never has time off, he works his butt off, he does everything that we ask of him and more,” said Ian.

“People are missing out if they don’t give people with disability a chance. Seriously, missing out.”