“This job gives me a purpose in life” – Adam

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Since Adam began his role with Devonport Chaplaincy four years ago, his passion for the community services sector has continued to grow. Adam has found great personal and professional fulfilment through helping the community.

“I mentor a student in the local high school, deliver food to schools, and work with our team to organise emergency food hampers for families in the community,” he says.

“Working for the Chaplaincy has made me more confident around people. I’m learning new skills and enjoying the interaction with my co-workers, the volunteers and people in the community.”

Devonport Chaplaincy and EPIC first crossed paths when EPIC moved into their Devonport building, and a great relationship quickly developed.

“I thought they were just another agency, but I quickly discovered they were a hard working bunch committed to making a difference in people’s lives,” says Devonport Chaplaincy CEO Andrew.

Andrew says Adam has a great way of communicating and making people feel comfortable. Adam’s skills have helped the organisation smooth out a few quandaries over the years.

“We run a program called ‘Easy P’s Learner Driver Program’ which helps people get their provisional drivers licence by providing them access to a vehicle or a supervisory driver,” explains Andrew.

“The initiative had attracted scrutiny by local driving schools viewing it as competition to their business. Adam worked hard to build strong working relationships and help the instructors see the positives of the program.”

“He’s an incredible asset to our team- a young man with a passion and commitment to serving others. He has developed his management skills well, which has had a very positive impact on the program he is now responsible for.”

When Adam first began his role, a few minor workplace modifications were needed to help him thrive. His cerebral palsy made typing difficult, and EPIC supported Devonport Chaplaincy to purchase speech to text software.

Adam plans to continue working at Devonport Chaplaincy as he studies a Certificate IV in Business.

“Working here is helping me develop my skills and knowledge, so I can reach my professional goals in community service,” says Adam.

“This job gives me a purpose in life. It provides a sense of accomplishment and wellbeing.”