Thirteen years of ongoing support makes all the difference at the Sheraton

Monday, 15 March 2021

Not all Disability Employment Service providers are the same. What sets EPIC Assist (EPIC) apart from other providers is the ongoing support offered long after our job seekers are employed.

EPIC tailor our support to each individual job seeker and employer. We understand that not one business is the same and we therefore must have a versatile approach.

The Sheraton Grand Mirage in Port Douglas (Sheraton) is just one of the many businesses that have benefited from EPIC’s ongoing support.

Angelica has been working at the Sheraton restaurant for over thirteen years. EPIC has continued to support Angelica and the Sheraton throughout this entire journey.

Human Resources Manager, Michele, understands how important this support is.

“When I first started, Angelica was already employed. EPIC come and visit regularly to check in on how Angelica is going. They have offered a lot of support when Angelica needs extra help,” says Michele.

“EPIC is great, you just need to pick up the phone and they are there. They will come whenever they are needed. ”

Along with regular meetings, EPIC also organised a support worker for Angelica. Originally the support worker came three days a week, but now only visits once a month – a testament to how well Angelica does her job.

Angelica loves working at the Sheraton. Her role involves polishing cutlery and glasses, setting tables, and serving food.

What Angelica loves most about her role is the friends she has made and the independence she has gained because of meaningful work.

“Angelica is a treasure. She offers a lot of light into people’s days. Everyone is very caring of her and they look out for her,” says Michele.

Angelica’s favourite moment of working at the Sheraton was celebrating her 10th anniversary.

“For my 10 years, Daryl made me a beautiful cake. He is a really good chef and made a special cake. That’s why I love working here,” says Angelica.

Angelica is not the only EPIC job seeker who works at the Sheraton. Josh has been working in the laundry department for over a year and is excelling in his role.

Josh pushing a big green laundry basket in front of a front loading washing machine
Josh works in the laundry at the Sheraton Grand Mirage in Port Douglas

Michele recognises that there is a stigma surrounding hiring people with disability. However, since she has started working with Angelica and Josh, she has seen firsthand how unfounded this stigma is.

“People with disability have a lot to offer. When I look at Ang and Josh, they are talented people. They can think and do lots of things. They just needed the opportunity to grow and develop and become independent,” says Michele.

Michele believes that diverse hiring is beneficial to every business, not just the individual job seeker.

“To me, inclusion means everyone is equal, no matter what your role or who you are or what you look like. It’s about everyone being treated equally and fairly.

“If you are an organisation out there that is looking to hire someone with a disability, I would say go for it. There is support out there for you. It really is worthwhile for you and for everyone that works for your organisation.”

If you are looking to make diverse and inclusive hiring a priority, contact EPIC today. We can match you with job-ready employees who will bring a valuable new perspective and a competitive advantage to your business.

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