The game changer is support: Patrice’s journey to find his confidence

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

After sustaining an injury, and realising that he could no longer continue in his current line of work, Patrice Sullivan turned to EPIC Assist (EPIC) for support.

He had tried other providers but was told that he would need to find somewhere that understood him, his injury and could provide him with better support.

This led Patrice to EPIC.

From the first meeting, Patrice said he felt “light” and “rejuvenated” knowing he had found the right place.  He felt he really connected with EPIC compared to the other recruitment agencies he had contacted.

“The game-changer is the support. I felt heard, listened to and respected,” says Patrice.

“I don’t believe, from my experience, other agencies put their customers at number one. EPIC does.

“You gain new skills and support in many different areas. Whatever your needs, EPIC can help you find a pathway that you can attain.”

His EPIC employment consultant worked with him to decide on a new career path and arranged for Patrice to enrol in training. Patrice is currently one year into his Certificate III in Business Administration course – and he is loving it!

Since commencing with EPIC Patrice has been filled with optimism and confidence for his future in administration.

“EPIC has given me the hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the confidence to apply myself in an admin role.”

We wish Patrice all the best as he works his way towards his dream job as an administrator for a not-for-profit organisation.

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