“There’s a bright future in hospitality for Tessa.”

Monday, 26 March 2018

Tessa is living proof that feeling like you’re part of a team boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. She is at the beginning of her career in hospitality, a fast-paced industry which is often unforgiving to those who can’t keep up.

Tessa is proving that with just a little understanding and support, she doesn’t just keep up, but drives her colleagues forward with her.

Tessa connected with us in September 2015 when her mother Janet, enrolled Tessa in some courses to build her money management and work skills.

It didn’t take long before Tessa was ready for paid employment.

“Tessa loves food, so we focused on developing her hands-on experience and she returned to volunteer work at a café in Wynnum. Then Tessa and I went to all the cafés, restaurants and RSL’s in the area, but without much success,” said EPIC Employment Consultant Samantha.

With 14 years’ experience in hospitality management, Samantha was concerned that it would be a tough place for Tessa to secure work. She approached one of our Corporate Account Managers, Natalie Hall, to see if our partner Compass Group, a leading food and services company, could assist.

“I sent an email to Natalie telling her all about Tessa, in the hope that a position may become available through Compass Group which would suit her,” Samantha said.

With our advice, Compass Group adapted the interview process to a less formal setting to suit Tessa’s needs.

Tessa was successful and gained employment at the Collector’s Café at the Queensland Museum, South Brisbane, where Compass Group provides catering services.

Compass Manager Jodie Wragg was keen to work with Tessa and praised Tessa’s positive influence on her colleagues.

“The team has really rallied around Tessa; everyone wants to help with her training. She has a bright and happy personality and has been a great addition to our team,” Ms Wragg said.

Tessa has an outgoing side to her personality which she would only reveal to people who knew her well.

“On the day of her interview, she sang her way to the office, shyly said nothing through the interview, then sang the entire way home. This is how you know Tessa is comfortable,” Samantha said.

Three months into her job as Food and Beverage Attendant with Compass Group, Tessa has increased in confidence, initiative, and sings her way through the workday.

“Her first day she was a bit quiet. By the third day, she was singing her heart out,” Ms Wragg said.

“There’s a bright future in hospitality for Tessa. She’s a quick learner, and there are lots of things we’re going to teach her.”