Tatts Hotel recognised for their inclusive hiring in business awards

Monday, 15 November 2021

Tattersalls Hotel in Bundaberg, affectionately nicknamed Tatts, takes diversity and inclusion seriously.

The grand hotel has been a Bundaberg community icon for over 130 years, serving cold beers with delicious pub-style meals since the 1890s.

Recently Director and Owner, Rohan Hill, worked with Disability Employment Service (DES) provider EPIC Assist to hire three staff members with disability and make equal opportunity employment a priority.

“It started off in the cleaning. That was where we were looking for, was cleaners in the accommodation business. So, from there we moved to maintenance, found a guy for there, and it just kept going. We haven’t looked back,” said Rohan.

Working with a DES provider to hire staff with disability was something Rohan had never considered before taking over Tatts Hotel. But since making inclusion a priority, he’s found lifelong staff members that are proactive and independent.

“It’s been fantastic. They’re very well mannered. They put more effort into their work. I feel they actually want to be here, and that shows,” said Rohan.

“They’ve definitely progressed since they started here. Coming out of their shell is one thing. At first, they were very nervous, they didn’t talk much. But now they think for themselves and will come up to me and say I can do this or that.”

Like many businesses, the hotel has had a rough trot over the last couple of years. In July 2020, a tragic fire ripped through the corner pub, destroying the old hotel’s upper level in one clean sweep.

Rohan was determined to support his staff and keep them on the books during the hotel’s closure. He scavenged up any work he could find so they wouldn’t be left behind – whether that be painting or doing general tasks.

Now, the team are back at work in the newly renovated pub and backpacker’s hotel.

“We’ve kept the same people on that we started with, and they’ve just transitioned into our new business,” said Rohan.

For Tatts’ efforts and commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, they were presented a Supportive Employer Recognition award.

“Inclusive hiring is good for every business. There’s a lot of roles you can use for people with disability. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. There’s lots of different jobs around.”

EPIC staff member awards Rohan a framed certificate as a supportive employer.
EPIC staff member, Sarah, presents Rohan with a Supportive Employer award.

For Rohan, one of the biggest advantages of working with EPIC Assist as their disability employment service has been the personalised support.

“They are very supportive. They come around, visit us at least once a week, if not at least once a fortnight.

“They talk to the guys out here, then come back to us if they have any problems. Or if we have any problems, we can ring EPIC and they’ll come out and solve the problem if there is one,” said Rohan.

If your business is looking to make a change and prioritise diverse and inclusive hiring, get in touch with EPIC Assist today.

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