Rock’N’Roll Deli serves inclusion fresh off its shelves!

Thursday, 16 November 2023

For those lucky enough to have fulfilling employment, a job can be a key part of what keeps you happy and balanced. For Justin, his produce job at Rock’N’Roll Deli in Greenslopes meets those purposes and more. 

When he’s not hanging out with his friends, catching a movie, or watching The Simpsons – his favourite TV show of all time – Justin is making sure Rock’N’Roll Deli is serving the freshest produce to its hungry customers. 

“I do produce, so I wrap produce up and type out and print the labels for them. I also check for any rotten fruit so I can dump it. Take care of the rubbish, you know,” Justin explained. 

“I’ve gotten much stronger after lifting all the pallets! The boxes as well; I’ve gotta put the old ones in front and the new ones at the back. It’s been a lot of work, but I’ve gotten quicker at it and I can lift heavier loads. 

“Safety is a big deal. We’re close to the road, so making sure that everything’s being safely moved when deliveries come is important,” said Justin. 

Watching Justin in his role, he’s as experienced and comfortable as they get. It came as no surprise then to learn he’s been working produce at Rock’N’Roll for just over two years now. But to Justin, it’s gone by in the blink of an eye. 

He started work in the food industry at Sizzler in Carindale in 2012. When the store shut down in 2017, Justin went through a period of unemployment, dragged out by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.  

Fast forward to the beginning of May 2021 and Justin is part of the hardworking Rock’N’Roll Deli team. 

For Justin, the work he does at Rock’N’Roll is very important. 

“It helps me look after myself, and it teaches me skills to avoid struggling with things,” Justin explained. 

Justin standing with Jess Scott from our South Brisbane offices.
Justin standing out the front of our Upper Mount Gravatt Office with Operations Manager Jess

If there’s one thing Justin values about his job, it’s putting smiles on the faces of his fellow employees. As Justin moves from station to station, he helps unpack fruit and vegetables from the delivery truck with a big grin on his face.  

He’ll make conversation with the delivery driver, and keep his fellow unpackers entertained with some chirpy quips. His opinion of his team couldn’t be higher. 

“I love everyone I work with! I make sure to give everyone nicknames so they know I like them. Sometimes I give them new nicknames to keep them on their toes. I call Joe – Joey Boy, and the manager, Matt – Matty Boy! All kinds of nicknames really. It’s a system I like to have.” 

Justin went on to tell us that it isn’t just him who cracks jokes, but the bosses too. That kind of environment goes a long way to helping him relax and feel like he belongs. 

“The team is just great. I love impressing the other workers, making sure I’m not rude to anyone and being respectful – treating everyone how I want to be treated. 

“They’re my favourite part of working here. It helps me not give up. I’m just gonna keep going and take it easy.  

“I am really proud of what I’ve done in this job. I’m really happy here.” 

Justin’s gotten this far in his employment journey at Rock’N’Roll with the help of his managers and our team at EPIC Assist (EPIC). He originally came to EPIC as a proactive way to help with any challenges he might find in the workplace. 

He’d heard EPIC help people with disability prepare for and find employment, and excitedly thought EPIC might be what he needed to get his foot over the line and into a fulfilling job. 

“EPIC can help me with people or issues or struggles. They’re always only a call or text away,” Justin said. 

Justin went on to explain how supportive EPIC Assist and Rock’N’Roll have been with his need to take a day off on the rare occasion that he isn’t full of his signature optimism.  

It’s thanks to this support he can tackle every challenge and roadblock with a grin on his face and the confident determination that the rest of the staff know him for. 

After a hard day’s work and the smiles and waves of his cherished team, Justin can retire to an evening of movies or The Simpsons, knowing he’s a hardworking member of the Rock’N’Roll team. 

Good on you, Justin! 

If you, like Justin, are living with a disability, injury, health condition, or mental health condition and looking to find meaningful employment, contact EPIC Assist today. 

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