Roaul diligently works his way into a job that he loves

Thursday, 13 July 2023

Roaul started his employment journey like most do. A shy but determined kid, he was keen to move into a fulltime position in landscaping or construction. Roaul had just completed a traineeship with the Bundaberg Regional Council and was fresh with gusto.

Roaul’s work ethic and diligence had him quickly settling into work as a construction labourer, with him progressing to a roofer once he’d acquired enough experience. However, due to the building industry increasing in capacity, more and more workers were being outstripped. Roaul and other crews were left with less and less supervision. This created some problems with staff and eventually Roaul bravely decided to consider other options when it came to his career.

Roaul and his father quickly got in contact with the Bundaberg team at EPIC Assist to discuss the prospect of his future and what his career might look like.

After having some productive chats with his Employment Consultant, Michele, Roaul decided there was potential for him to find meaningful work with elders while keeping in a position that kept him physically active. He began volunteer work as a back burner, which lead to him being taught traditional land care and conservation.

And suddenly, after a tough day’s work, Roaul felt it. A spark. The spark.

With a whoop of joy, Roaul realised what this newfound feeling was.

He had found a passion.

With this new fire in him and the encouragement and support of Michele spurring him on, Roaul quickly developed a love of working on country. It was this that made that murky career path ahead of him seem so much clearer.

After some talk with Michele, they agreed that a good start would be for Roaul to move to a volunteer position at Queensland Parks and Wildlife. It was there that Roaul met Teresa, his would-be manager, for the very first time.

“She was very engaging, helpful, and supportive. And she worked very hard to take on board suggestions, to help Roaul transition into his new role,” said Michele.

The new role in question for Roaul was a contract 003 Ranger!

003 Rangers bear several important responsibilities like managing fires, weeds, pests, and much more. To Roaul, the job sounded perfect.

Teresa’s support didn’t stop there, as she also supplied a paid contract for Roaul, which has now been extended until October 2023.

Hitting the ground running, Roaul’s next goal is to become a permanent member of the team at Queensland Parks and Wildlife in Bundaberg and has shown a tremendous work ethic and diligence in gaining the necessary skills to make his dream a reality.

“He’s been supported to get his Chemical, Working at Heights Safely, First Aid, and CPR Certificates,” Michele explained.

With his passion burning brighter than ever, the constant support of EPIC Assist, and his hard work, Roaul looks to have a very bright future ahead of him. And as his Employment Consultant, there’s never a moment where Michele isn’t pleased with his incredible journey.

“I am very proud of his determination and the resilience he has shown through his EPIC adventure into the workforce. He was my first ever participant, and how far he’s come is inspiring.

If you have a disability, injury, mental health condition, or health condition and are looking for help finding a job you love, get in touch with EPIC Assist today.

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