Redcliffe charity serving up a brighter future with EPIC grant

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Since 2003, The Breakfast Club has been waking up with the sun to feed the Redcliffe community. Every month, they serve over 800 free meals to the homeless and those in need. From a fully cooked breakfast, to simply a tea or coffee, The Breakfast Club’s team of volunteers work hard five days a week to make sure the most vulnerable members of the community get fed.

EPIC Assist values the amazing work that The Breakfast Club does for the community and are proud to support their life-changing mission with a community grant. Michelle Gilchrist, a representative of the charity, says that they regularly serve people with disability and are committed to ensuring that everyone has a healthy start to their day.

“Many individuals who are currently homeless also have a mental health condition,” says Michelle.

“The Breakfast Club provides access to food, showers, and other necessities, as well as referral services.”

What’s so unique about the charity is that they’re not waiting for those in need to find them – they’re taking their services directly to the Redcliffe Peninsula.

“We have an outreach van and drop-in centre for those who require emergency assistance,” says Michelle.

The Breakfast Club offers much more than just food and utilities though. It’s the little things that add up to a big difference, and for people with a mental health condition, access to a friendly and welcoming environment can be life changing. Above all, The Breakfast Club is a support network, and their commitment to serving, helping, and listening to the community is what makes their mission so powerful.

Check out The Breakfast Club website for more information on this program, and the EPIC Assist website to see the full list of Community Grant recipients.

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