“I love working here.” – Paul

Monday, 26 March 2018

Student Paul has taken a positive step towards working in an industry he is passionate about, with his first job at Mitre 10.

EPIC Schools Consultant Cassandra started working with Paul in his high school at St James College in April 2016. Immediately she saw him stand out from the crowd with his sense of humour, reliability, enthusiasm and employability; with lots to offer any business.

Having previously completed work experience at Mitre 10 Chermside,  EPIC Business Development Manager Gavin approached them to explain EPIC’s role in securing sustainable employment for Paul, in an area he was passionate about- cabinet making.

Mitre 10 expressed that Paul was a hard worker who listens well and tried his best at all tasks assigned to him, and as such offered him a position as Storeman, 8 hours a week.

“I love working here. I built a wheelbarrow today’, Paul smiles.

Through attending regular school sessions with our Schools Consultant Cassandra and working through workplace preparation modules, Paul has gained the confidence and skills to work within the workforce in an industry he is passionate about.

“Paul wishes to work in the cabinet making industry after school, so the experience and knowledge he has learnt in the course of gaining employment with Mitre 10 at Chermside, has provided him a step in the right direction,” Cassandra said.