Night Ninjas tackle stigma with EPIC Community Grant

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Night Ninjas are springing to action in the Redland community and tackling the challenges of homelessness and hardship head-on with an EPIC Community Grant. As a part of their unique support program, Night Ninjas are paving the way towards inclusivity goals and helping people with disability conquer adversity one step at a time.

Established in 2015 by Alix Russo, Night Ninjas’ mission is to break down stigma and help people experiencing homelessness to find their feet. Through weekly meal programs, call out teams, and special drives, their dedicated team of volunteers are working hard to transform the community into a happier and safer place to live.

“Night Ninjas use their resources to stabilise an individual’s situation and meet their immediate critical needs by providing food packs, survival items, bedding, and hot meals,” explains Alix.

“Our mobile, out-of-hours services are unique in Redlands, and they are the key to us reaching as many people as possible.”

As the primary provider of immediate support in Redlands, Alix says that their services are vital in assisting individuals and families to transition back into society. Their team works closely with a wide range of people, including people with disability, addiction, mental health conditions, financial crisis, and domestic violence.

“Any person with a disability in Redlands that finds themselves experiencing hardship, we will empower them to find the support services they need and provide them with emergency relief,” says Alix.

“We are driven to help heal and strengthen our Redland community by empowering our clients and getting them to the stage where they can connect with other organisations that have the resources necessary to assist them back into mainstream society.”

Check out the Night Ninjas website for more information on the program, and the EPIC Assist website to apply for a community grant.

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