“My confidence has gone sky-high!” – Michael

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

When Michael first came to EPIC Assist (EPIC) he had no confidence. He believed that he would never be able to find a job that suited his needs.

EPIC helped Michael reshaped his viewpoint, focusing on what he can offer a company rather than what he couldn’t.

Michael and his employment consultant worked together to establish his work goals and discover his skillset. His belief in himself grew as he realised that he had many talents and abilities that would be beneficial to any company.

“The support EPIC provided was amazing. They’ve helped me find employment, build my confidence and taught me skills to help manage my disability in the workplace,” said Michael.

Michael successfully gained employment at Hog’s Breath Café, Morayfield over a year ago and couldn’t be happier. He is thriving in his role where he enjoys doing the dishes, setting up the restaurant, mopping and doing food prep.

“I love my work. Since starting my confidence has gone sky-high to the point where I can do anything myself and I don’t need help.”

One of the best parts of the job for Michael is being a part of a team that are all working together to support each other.

“My team is like family to me. My manager Sarah is like my work mum. I know I can count on Sarah and anyone from my team.”

Sarah Dixon is the Manager and Franchisee Owner of Hog’s Breath Café, Morayfield. She is incredibly impressed by Michael’s work ethic and dedication.

“He is very loyal. He doesn’t like to have sick days, he doesn’t want to have holidays. He just wants to work and be here and do everything he can,” said Sarah.

She is particularly amazed by Michael’s ability to predict potential problems and always be ready with a solution when they arise.

“He is very smart and thinks of all the little things most people miss.”

“He is always there ready to help fix things as soon as they happen. He is just so great.”

Michael is excited about his future working with Hog’s Breath. He hopes to advance through the ranks and save up for his own place.

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