“Meaningful employment is the foundation of life” – Sean

Friday, 14 February 2020

After Sean acquired a severe brain injury, it was incredibly important to him that he re-entered the workforce. The father of two was not just looking for financial stability, but a meaningful position that he could be excited about.

“Work is the foundation for the rest of your life. It gives you financial security and life balance. When you are happy at work, the rest of life flows easier,” said Sean.

Sean came to EPIC Assist (EPIC) Strathpine looking for extra support and job opportunities. EPIC provided him with practical education, training and support to open the door to a range of employment prospects. In November 2018, Sean earned himself a position at Modern Teaching Aids as a packer in their Brendale warehouse.

Warehouse Operations Manager Corey was incredibly impressed with how quickly Sean picked up the role and offered him a full-time position.

“Sean is a great bloke, from the very first day he was always happy and keen to help. He is a great team player and has a fantastic can-do attitude,” said Corey.

Sean has continued to grow from strength to strength, always giving his best each day. He has seen a huge improvement in both practical and social skills.

“My cognitive development is beyond what I expected. I am more understanding and a much better team player,” said Sean.

As an avid Rugby League fan, Sean loves that there is a strong team focus in the workplace. Everyone works together to achieve the same common goal of high productivity and quality control.

“Corey, my supervisors and my co-workers are all very considerate and compassionate which makes it easier for everyone to succeed in our roles,” said Sean.

Modern Teaching Aids strives to create a non-judgemental and supportive work environment. Corey believes that everybody deserves an opportunity to work and it is up to the employer to look for a way to help people with a disability back into the workforce.

“Everyone is always happier when they have a goal and being employed helps this process. We don’t see hiring people with a disability as a disadvantage. They are an asset to our business,” said Corey.

Sean is looking forward to working for Modern Teaching Aids well into the future, improving and growing each day.

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