“I am so much more confident in my work and personal life.” – Lesley

Monday, 26 March 2018

Everyone has tough times in their life, but not everyone chooses to make a career out of helping others through challenges. But that’s the story for Lesley, whose experience with us prompted her to pursue a career as a support worker.

“I joined EPIC Maroochydore in 2015, and was assisted to find work in a small supermarket where I loved the staff, managers and customers. I am a ‘people person’ and this suited me really well,” said Lesley, who lives with complex regional pain syndrome resulting from a workplace accident in 2009.

“Unfortunately after some time, my shoulder began to deteriorate so I needed to leave. That was a very sad time.

“However, from there I said I wanted to become a support worker as I was humbled by the support I was receiving and felt I wanted to give back,” she said.

Lesley commenced a Certificate III in Community Services to set the foundations for her new career, and it’s been all uphill since.

“I embarked upon my Certificate 3 in Community Services and within months gained employment with a local care organisation. I love my job!” said Lesley.

In her new role, Lesley has been supporting a young man with disability named Lars. The pair have been getting along like a house on fire, learning lots from each other and enjoying adventures together.

In addition to helping her save money needed for a shoulder operation, Lesley says her job brings value and meaning into her life has been instrumental in turning things around.

“My physical disability led to depression, which has been present in my life for many years,” explains Lesley.

“These days I feel a lot more positive and am looking forward to expanding on my community services work. I am so much more confident in my work and personal life. I am more content and now looking forward to what my future holds.”