“Working in this job is important to me and my culture.” – Leon

Monday, 26 March 2018

For Leon, employment at Dreamtime Culture Centre has filled his life with meaning and purpose.

Leon has been part of the Dreamtime Cultural Centre family for over half his life, volunteering as a gardener since 1994. The gardens hold special cultural significance for Leon, who was delighted to secure 15 hours of weekly paid employment in June this year.

A much-loved member of the Rockhampton community, Leon’s green-thumb expertise is second-to-none, and everyone agrees that the gardens have never looked better.

Leon’s manager Ann Armstrong says she is delighted to have Leon on the books after so many years.

“Leon’s been with us for quite some time; he left and then came back but altogether it’s been about 25 years,” said Ann.

“I think the job has been good for his confidence and self-esteem, and he takes a lot of pride in his work.”

Working in an environment that reflects his Aboriginal culture is an important connection Leon shares with the Dreamtime Cultural Centre.

“I think being in this environment makes him a lot more comfortable,” said Ann.

Leon continues to enjoy his role at the centre, relishing the opportunity to work in the fresh air doing a job he loves.

“I’ve been doing it for a long time and it’s going great. I like working outside and taking care of the gardens,” said Leon.

“Working in this job is important to me and my culture.”

Leon extends his thanks to EPIC, who have provided great assistance in helping him reach his employment goals.

“EPIC have been good to me; they’ve been helping me out to get jobs.”

Our team in Rockhampton are delighted that work is going so well for Leon, who never fails to put a huge smile on their faces whenever he pops into the office.