Lifelong learning is important for mental wellbeing

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Why should we value learning?

Lifelong learning is an important component of good mental health, but it often gets swept aside by tasks deemed more pressing. But it’s time we promoted learning to the top of the priority pile! Research shows lifelong learning is associated with:

  • improved self-esteem
  • a greater sense of purpose
  • open-mindedness and curiosity
  • better reasoning and communication skills
  • increased conversation skills
  • a greater ability to cope with stress
  • a sunnier outlook on life
  • an easier time building connections with a more diverse cross-section of people.

Learning can challenge our understanding of the world and help broaden our perspectives. Consequently, learning teaches us that we are capable of growth because we gain the experience of learning something new.

How can we incorporate learning into our lives?

Learning does not need to take place through formal education; the opportunity to learn can be found in many everyday instances. Perhaps you could:

  • try your hand at a hobby you’ve always wanted to try
  • learn to cook a dish from your childhood
  • ask for a new responsibility at work
  • set yourself a personal challenge to complete every day or week.

Our brains are extremely dynamic and capable of so much more than we use them for. Learning can breathe new life into your everyday, and open up your world. If you’re like to exercise your mind and improve your mental wellbeing, chase down that topic of interest and get learning today!