Julie brings sparkle to EPIC!

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Superstar motivational speaker Julie Cross visited our Windsor service centre yesterday to run a session with our Regional Coordinators, Operations and State Managers, and members of our Senior Leadership team.

Julie spent over an hour sharing valuable wisdom with our leaders, before revealing a surprising connection with EPIC. Julie explained that her son Thomas is on the autism spectrum, and has been supported into employment at The Coffee Club Redcliffe by our wonderful Kippa-Ring team.

“Before meeting EPIC, I struggled to believe that employment would be possible in Thomas’ future. I know that sounds bad, but honestly, it was a future I just couldn’t see,” said Julie.

She went on to describe the vital ripple effect that EPIC’s work has on so many different families.

“To think how far Thomas has come…I just know it wouldn’t have been possible without EPIC, and my family is forever grateful,” said Julie.

“I want you to know the real and life-changing difference you make. I sat down with the EPIC team just a couple of days ago, and broke down in tears when we started talking about what’s next for Thomas.”

Julie left a lasting impression on many of the attendees, and below are some learnings to come from her session yesterday:

“If you don’t like what you’re getting, check what you’re giving.” – Gareth Wyatt, Operations Manager, Sydney & ACT.

“What I give out is what I get back” – David Law, Disability Services Manager.

“Always remember your SPARKLE!” – Sofie Sneddon, Regional Coordinator, Bundoora.

“Julie shared her personal journey to enable us to understand her leadership message. We were all sparkling by the end of it!” – Irene White, Regional Coordinator, Cairns.

“If the grass looks greener somewhere else, water the grass you are standing on” – Robert Bailey, National Performance Manager.

“You’ve got a life to live, would you like to take a bit of responsibility with that?” – Bill Gamack, Chief Executive Officer.

“Don’t be afraid to laugh; laughter is good for us, good for our soul and is an instant connection with another person” – Kimberley Ryan, Performance Advisor.

“I enjoyed hearing about how we had supported Julie’s son in to work, and seeing her gratitude for this.” – Paul Hine, Regional Coordinator, Caloundra.