Improve the accessibility of workplace documents

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Within businesses of any size, it is important to ensure that all communication is effective, and can reach everyone on staff.

In Australia, people with disability make up 20% of the population.

All documents and communications should meet similar accessibility standards to websites, to ensure that your business is not cutting out one fifth of your potential market.

Microsoft continuously works on accessibility issues and provides their own how-to guide on making Word documents accessible to all.

Consider the implications of cutting out 20% of the talent pool, because they cannot access your job descriptions or position advertisements.

Consider the implications of releasing a new and vital policy to staff, which a fifth of them cannot read.

There are plenty of cheat sheets available online for free, or training courses, which will ensure that all members of the workforce or Australian population can access your company’s documents and websites.

Managers and CEOs must educate themselves on how easy it is to miss out on the best talent they have never seen, and how to access that talent with an easy fix.