“I’m now in an environment where I feel I can thrive” – Karen

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Karen is happily employed in a job she feels passionate about, thanks to the support of EPIC’s powerhouse Cairns team.

“The Cairns team are awesome, and certainly live up to the name ‘EPIC’,” says Karen.

“After trying to fit in to the mainstream job providers with a ‘not your everyday’ type of disability, I was lucky enough to be referred to EPIC Assist.

“I am so thankful for all their help and understanding on this journey to find stable employment in an environment where I feel I can thrive,” she says.

Karen is now employed on a permanent part-time basis as a Food Service Assistant within an Aged Care Facility. EPIC Employment Consultant Narelle says being part of Karen’s journey and transformation was a joy.

“Karen has gained a lot more confidence through starting this new position.  This position is catered more to her individual needs and involves less travel,” says Narelle.

“From the beginning our team always knew that Karen was capable of great things, and it’s fantastic to see her so happy in her new role. She knows we wish her all the best and will always be there to support her if she needs it.”

In addition to emotional support received from EPIC, Karen is grateful for the tangible assistance also provided.

“EPIC helped me keep my car registered and on the road which, I’m so happy to say, allowed me to look for work, attend interviews and now drive to work,” says Karen.

“Thank you so much Team EPIC, I couldn’t have done it without you.”