How this organisation is creating choices for people with disability

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Life can be unpredictable for people with disability. Muscular Dystrophy Queensland is one organisation dedicated to instilling a bit of control and support back into the lives of people with disability.

Recently, Muscular Dystrophy Queensland received an EPIC community grant to help them achieve this powerful mission. The funds will go towards assisting their unique Crisis Support Program, which provides direct support and services for people and families that are experiencing a crisis.

For a person living with muscular dystrophy, a crisis can strike at any moment. CEO of Muscular Dystrophy Queensland, Helene Frayne, says a crisis can seriously impact a person’s life if the right support is not in place.

“A crisis can be an unforeseen progression in a condition, the loss of a job, a carer suddenly falling ill, equipment breakdown, or an unplanned or unwelcome change in housing arrangements,” says Helene.

“This may occur for a young person with disability or an adult whose muscles have become so weak they cannot get out of bed unaided.”

Community grants like EPIC’s are essential to Muscular Dystrophy Queensland’s Crisis Support Program, which operates from external funding and generous donations. Their team is passionate about using this support to remove boundaries, create choices, and forge connections towards meaningful employment.

“We envision a life without limits for people with neuromuscular conditions,” says Helene.

“Muscular Dystrophy Queensland empowers people living with muscular dystrophy to make the most of opportunities and fulfil their potential to live the lives they choose.”

Check out Muscular Dystrophy Queensland website for more information on this program, and the EPIC Assist website to see the full list of Community Grant recipients.

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