“Having this job is important as it’s building my self-esteem, and I now have my own money.” – Alyssa

Monday, 21 May 2018

Alyssa has found a great career start amidst fishy friends, having just commenced at Barefoot Fish in Loganholme’s Hyperdome Shopping Centre. Barefoot Fish is Australia’s only fish spa, where customers put their feet in tanks of water and small fish nibble away dry and dead skin.

Our Business Development Manager Danielle worked closely with Alyssa to land the job.

“Alyssa and I worked together for several months before we found her a job she was really excited about,” said Danielle.

“When this new store opened up, we thought it would be a great fit and it has been. She’s loving it and doing so well.”

This is Alyssa’s first job, and she works 8-12 hours a week. Alyssa had tried finding a job prior to connecting with EPIC, but believes her autism prevented her from finding job success.

“People wouldn’t give me a chance because I was always nervous talking to people on the phone and in person,” said Alyssa.

“Mum suggested I get in touch with EPIC because she thought it would be the best option to achieve my goal of obtaining employment.”

The tranquil environment of Barefoot Fish has proved a winner for Alyssa, and she is pleased with how things have turned around for her since she began.

“I definitely think my life has changed. Having this job is important as it’s building my self-esteem, and I now have my own money.”

A world of opportunities have opened up for Alyssa since she achieved her goal of breaking into the workforce.

“I’m looking forward to buying my own car once I save up enough,” said Alyssa.

“I’d like to keep working at Barefoot Fish and work in a library in the future.”