“I love the team at my new job. I need to get a car now, because I’m always working!” – Fara

Monday, 26 March 2018

Fara was introduced to us via the Ticket to Work program at his school earlier this year, and we immediately knew he would be a great fit for a retail traineeship.

EPIC Employment Consultant Phillip Le Boeuf connected Fara with Bunnings at Underwood in early 2017.

“Fara has the gift of customer service for sure—smiling and communicating, so retail was a great choice for his traineeship,” Phillip said.

One of the main things he has learnt from his traineeship is the significance of working safely.

“The main challenges Fara has faced since March would be his attention to safety procedures. Flexible behaviours at school do not always cross over into the work environment, and there were a few nails to hammer out at the start of the traineeship, ” Phillip said.

“Bunnings has great safety requirements and they’ve been explained to me really well,” said Fara.

Fara’s role at Bunnings involves a variety of tasks including restocking, trolley removals, cleaning, and setting up balloons and displays.

“EPIC has been great. I was so nervous in the interview, and Phil helped me get casual work,” said Fara.

Fara is on the Bunnings casual roster now, and would like to continue his employment at Bunnings.

“I love the team here. I need to get a car now, because I’m always working!” said Fara.