Everything falls into place for Cody at Officeworks

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Everything is falling into place for Cody after EPIC Assist (EPIC) helped him find work with Officeworks during their demanding back-to-school rush.

For Cody, working at Officeworks has been more than just a job – it’s something he never thought he would be able to do. Cody’s journey towards meaningful employment was overwhelmed by a high level of anxiety that stripped his confidence. After taking the courageous step of seeking help from a psychologist, Cody was pointed in the direction of disability employment.

“EPIC really helps in not just finding you a job, but also preparing you for the workforce,” says Cody.

“I’ve definitely grown in confidence since starting with Officeworks. I couldn’t even do a speech back in high school. But with Officeworks, I had to do a group interview and speak in front of about thirty people, and I could do it.”

EPIC’s relationship with Officeworks has flourished and grown remarkably since first getting in contact with them. Karen, the Officeworks Store Business Manager, says it has been rewarding for their team to work collaboratively alongside Cody and other employees that have come to them through EPIC.

“I’m very proud that Officeworks has been able to give opportunities to lots of different kinds of people,” says Karen.

“Being able to work with a range of people has grown my perspective on the disability community and it has been really wonderful and eye opening to work with EPIC.”

Cody has recently taken the next step towards reaching his employment goals by enrolling in a Diploma of Software Development at TAFE. He’s determined not to let anxiety sideline his life, and urges others struggling to seek help to move forwards with their lives.

“Some people try to run from their anxiety, but I’ve learnt the best thing you can do is to try and face it,” says Cody.

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