“Everyone deserves a fair go”: attitude put into practice at Grafton Sunset Caravan Park

Thursday, 12 August 2021

As the Owner of Grafton Sunset Caravan Park, Malcolm Nott prides himself on creating a family environment. Part of creating that environment is having the attitude that everyone deserves a fair go.

One way that Malcolm puts this attitude into practice is working with Disability Employment Service provider EPIC Assist (EPIC) to ensure inclusive hiring is a priority.

Over the years Malcolm has employed five people with disability through EPIC, with three currently working at the park.

“I’ve used EPIC for a while, due to the fact that they have worked out for me. I suffer from a bad back, so I know what it’s like to work with pain,” says Malcolm.

“I find it is easier to employ someone with a disability than someone who doesn’t. I find people with disability actually care more and it works well with our family-run park.”

Warren, Shannin, and Trey came to EPIC at different stages of their employment journeys. They each have different disabilities, experiences, and career goals, which is why it is so important that EPIC provides holistic and personal support.

Warren is 67 and along with other injuries, he lost 90% use of his left arm after a bad accident. He could have retired when he moved to Grafton four years ago but wanted to keep working because he loves having something to do each day.

“I started working when I was 12. The thought of sitting at home all day, every day, I was bored. I need to work, I love work,” says Warren.

“I’ve worked at the Sunset Caravan Park for two and half years now and have enjoyed every minute of it.”

On the other hand, as this is Shannin’s first job, he needed extra support building a resume and practising for interviews. He is currently enjoying all the benefits that come with having meaningful employment.

“I’ve become a lot more independent. I’ve just been able to buy a new car,” says Shannin.

Warren, Shannin, and Trey all work as handymen at the caravan park. Their duties include cleaning the cabins and bathrooms, general maintenance, and gardening. Warren also works in the office every afternoon.

Even though they all have the same job title Malcolm understands they are individuals and have different skills and abilities. Malcolm has worked closely with each of them to ensure they feel comfortable and can perform their tasks to the best of their ability.

“The team is fantastic. Malcolm gives you time to do things. He understood my disabilities and we worked around them. It’s been an absolute great environment to work here,” says Warren.

Malcolm couldn’t be happier with his employees and talks highly about each of them.

“I honestly can’t fault them. They are here every day, and they want to work. They aren’t like most people who complain about having to go work, these guys want to be at work, and they are happy when they are here,” says Malcolm.

Another unexpected bonus is that they are all self-proclaimed ‘car nuts’ and often hang out after work fixing motorbikes and cars.

“We all go off and do something together. We are all about having a family-oriented business. They all feel like family, and we all treat each other like family.”

When asked what his advice would be to businesses thinking of hiring someone with a disability, Malcolm once again referred to his attitude of everyone deserves a fair go.

“If you are thinking of hiring someone with a disability, give them a go. You will be surprised how well they fit. Take the extra effort and you will find that they will become very honest and loyal workers for you and that’s better than anyone else you can find.”

If you are looking to make diverse and inclusive hiring a priority contact EPIC today. We can connect you to loyal, hardworking, and motivated job seekers.

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