“EPIC just didn’t just tell me where I had to work. They helped me achieve my dream.” – Erin

Monday, 26 March 2018

Erin had been volunteering with Margie Stanton from Blue Wheelers Mobile Dog Grooming for around 9 months when she connected with us.

Based on the North West Coast of Tasmania, Margie has been operating a Blue Wheelers franchise for ten years. She didn’t intend on employing anyone in her business however when she met Erin, she recognised her potential and wanted to give her a start in the industry.

“When I first met Erin, she was quiet, not so sure of herself and did not give herself any credit for her own abilities,” said EPIC Business Development Manager Vanessa Ford.

Margie knew Erin had benefited from her time volunteering and wanted to offer her employment.

“EPIC has been a wonderful help. I did not have to worry about the logistics of employing Erin as EPIC did this all for me,” Margie said.

We assisted Erin to achieve her pet grooming certificate through Open College which she finished in October 2017.

“EPIC listened to me in the beginning when I told them that I wanted to become a dog groomer. They didn’t just tell me where I had to work- they helped me achieve my dream,” said Erin.

It was clear that Erin and dog grooming was a winning combination.

“The day Erin stared her employment with Margie, her smile would have lit a thousand candles,” said Vanessa.

“It has been a pleasure to watch Erin grow and achieve her goals over these past months.”

Margie says that it has been enjoyable to watch Erin learn through her online studies, and put her learnings into action on-the-job.

“We are a great team and we enjoy working together closely,” said Margie.

Erin couldn’t be happier with how things are progressing in her life.

“I love my job. My confidence has grown with EPIC’s help and the encouragement that they give me. They helped me with my studies when I was stuck and they never ever let me give up even when I thought at times that I just couldn’t do it.”