EPIC grant guides girls to express themselves

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Everyone deserves the opportunity to feel empowered and confident. Girl Guides supports girls and young women to do just this, and EPIC Assist (EPIC) is proud to be supporting their inclusive program in Cairns with a Community Grant.

Girl Guides is an amazing program that empowers girls to try their hand at a wide range of activities in a safe and welcoming environment. Cherelle, the Tropical North Girl Guides Regional Manager, says Guides is a great way for girls to develop teamwork, confidence, respect, and responsibility.

“Guiding provides a non-formal educational and recreational program for all females from five years of age that is dynamic, flexible, and values training in life skills, decision making, and leadership,” says Cherelle.

Girl Guides is committed to providing outlets of self-expression to girls of all backgrounds, including people with disability. EPIC’s Community Grant will go towards supporting their Expression through Canvas program, which is dedicated to fostering self-expression and encouraging an understanding of different perspectives.

“We have found that all youth members, including girls with various forms of disability, enjoy and can express themselves through art, especially when it is on canvas,” says Cherelle.

“Expression through Canvas allows girls to express their interpretation of a given theme and feel united in involvement. It creates a focus and interest that they can use to assist youth members and learn to integrate with others and make friends without boundaries,” says Cherelle.

“We hope that girls can use this skill to develop patience, the ability to liaise with others, and know that they can try their hand at any task and be able to complete it to the best of their ability,” says Cherelle.

Check out the Girl Guides website for more information on what they do, and the EPIC Assist website to apply for a grant today.

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