EPIC Assist and Aspect join forces to kick-start careers

Friday, 23 March 2018

Many people on the autism spectrum struggle with the transition into paid employment and our new partnership with Aspect Capable is working to simplify the process.

The new partnership combines the best of both organisations, with Aspect Capable bringing their strong base of job seekers to join our many employer connections.

The partnership was born when both organisations identified their strengths and where they required support. While Aspect Capable had a solid base of job seekers, they needed to develop employer connections and find roles in which to place their job seekers. On the flip side, we had built up strong connections and partnerships with industry but didn’t have the broad job seeker base of Aspect Capable. Both organisations realised they were working towards the same goal, and rather than attempting to fill their gaps alone, they teamed up to create a dream team!

While still in its early stages, both organisations see the partnership resulting in the aims of both organisations being realised: levelling the playing field for people on the spectrum and assisting them to find sustainable, meaningful employment.

Aspect Capable will predominantly be working with job seekers to get them ‘job ready’, which will involve mentoring and work on skill and confidence building. When the job seeker is deemed ‘job-ready’ they will be referred to us for placement into a suitable role. Concurrently, we will be harnessing our connections with employers and working closely with them to ensure they feel confident in hiring people on the spectrum, and supporting them once they are on the job.