EPIC and Mercy Health open doors for people with disability

Friday, 23 March 2018

Mercy Health has proven their commitment to driving diversity and inclusion within their organisation. Since connecting with us during Mercy Health’s annual Leadership Day in 2016, it’s been onwards and upwards for the Mercy Health team.

“We were delighted when Bill Gamack joined the panel at our annual Leadership Day, which focused on equity and inclusion’,” said Alicia Thomas, Mercy Health Group Diversity and Inclusion Manager.

“Bill’s passion for, and awareness of, the disability space was clearly evident and this prompted Mercy Health to look into partnering with such a forward thinking organisation as EPIC.”

Since that initial meeting, Mercy Health has prioritised the completion and implementation of a Disability Action Plan.

“Operating in the health, aged and community sectors, Mercy Health is acutely aware of the tremendous benefits people with disability can bring to the workplace by enhancing the diversity of the skill mix,” said Alicia.

“Our Disability Action Plan is one such way of formalising our commitment to supporting those with disability to engage in meaningful employment, and to ensure Mercy Health’s infrastructure and managers are congruent with this support.”

To date, our team has been involved in upskilling Mercy Health leaders in disability awareness training.

“The disability awareness training EPIC delivered to our managers has been terrific, and we will also be looking to seek their feedback on our Disability Action Plan before it is finalised,” said Alicia.

“Mercy Health’s national presence, the breadth of our organisation and the wide spectrum of positions we require means there are plenty of opportunities for people with disability to work with us.”

“We look forward to working with EPIC to get great people into roles within Mercy Health.”