Emerald Community House shaping powerful differences for disability

Thursday, 31 January 2019

EPIC Assist’s (EPIC) Community Grants program is making its way across Australia, supporting communities that are creating a difference for people with disability. After hearing of Emerald Community House’s incredible programs for people with disability, we are excited to announce them as a recipient in this round of community grants.

Emerald Community House has a powerful purpose: to build connections and realise opportunities. Their dedication to engaging everyone in the community is tireless. They provide community development activities, programs, and services that create a welcoming environment to meet people, share ideas, and develop new skills and confidence.

Donna Asling, Coordinator of Emerald Community House, is passionate about sparking social connections within the community. With over 40 years’ history, their inclusive courses for people with disability are a proud feature of their program.

“Emerald Community House runs classes for adults with disability, specifically in Adult Literacy, Everyday Literacy through Cooking, and Developing your Skills for the Workplace,” says Donna.

“We also provide volunteering and work experience opportunities for people with disability to work in the childcare centre, as well as in the admin office.”

Emerald Community House relies upon fundraisers and community grants like EPIC’s to cover building upgrades, festivals, events, and activities. They are committed to building healthy, vibrant, and inclusive communities through a variety of ventures, such as monthly markets, arts festivals, and local business trade.

The funds from EPIC’s Community Grant will go towards purchasing more resources to continue to develop the skills and opportunities for people with disability within the local community.

Check out Emerald Community House for more information on their programs, and the EPIC Assist website to see the full list of Community Grant recipients.