Edward discovers drive and passion through meaningful employment

Monday, 10 February 2020

Administrator Support Worker, Edward was incredibly proud and excited when he learnt that his temporary contract with the Queensland Government: Department of Environment Science had been extended.

With the help of the EPIC Assist’s (EPIC) Cairns Service Centre, Edward first landed the temporary role in October 2019 as a stepping stone to further employment success.

His workplace was so impressed by his work that they extended the initial three-month contract to now finish in June 2020.

Working in a general admin and clerical role, Edward has developed his administration skills and has learnt how to use a range of computer software and programs.

When he first found out that his contract had been extended, he couldn’t believe it.

“It didn’t truly sink in at first. It feels so good to have more work, I’m really excited,” said Edward.

“This workplace and role suit my disability and my personality. It is such a great place to work, I can’t wait to continue.”

After working in hospitality for most of his life, a career change to office work was challenging for Edward at first. However, due to the support, he received from his employer he has become more confident.

“My workplace is incredibly supportive. They allow me to be flexible in how I set my tasks and create my timeline,” said Edward.

“I like that they support and acknowledge every employee, it makes for a happy and friendly work environment.”

Even though Edward has found employment, EPIC still keeps in contact with him. EPIC continues to support all participants during their employment until they feel comfortable to continue by themselves.

“EPIC has been great to me. I love that they have stayed in contact. They were so excited for me when I told them about my contract extension, ” said Edward.

“I know that I can always count on EPIC whenever I need extra support.”

Edward has discovered a passion for his career and is eager to do anything he can to further develop his skills. He is taking advantage of every learning opportunity that comes his way and is currently undertaking a mentorship and professional development program through his work.

“I have a newfound desire and passion for my career. I’m excited about my future and will do anything to boost my job prospects,” said Edward.

Meaningful employment hasn’t just changed Edward’s career goals, it has also changed him as a person.

“Since starting work I am much happier and confident. I love that I’m contributing to society, it makes every day feel worthwhile.”

If you are looking to find meaningful employment, like Edward, contact EPIC today.

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