“We all have pasts and we all have a story, but it doesn’t have to define us.” – Deb

Monday, 26 March 2018

Deb is a remarkable person that has worked hard to change her life, making huge steps forward with her mental health and life choices. Employment Consultant Loretta Smith and our team in Launceston have been with Deb on her journey, and are extremely pleased with how far she’s come.

“Deb is an amazing woman. She has had a difficult couple of months with her personal life, but through it all, she has still attended her appointments and always done what has been asked of her,” said Loretta.

“Due to past experiences, it has been difficult for Deb to return to the workforce. We have been working really hard on strategies to keep her motivated and to lift her spirits on the days she is finding things hard.”

When the prospect of work experience became available at Just Cats Tasmania, Loretta knew Deb would be the perfect fit.

“Deb is an animal lover and owner, as well as a dedicated single mother of two beautiful girls,” said Loretta.

“Rachel agreed to give Deb the chance she needed to prove herself. Rachel was blown away by her work ethic and initiative.”

Deb’s story is a great example of how lives can be changed when employers give people with disability an opportunity.

“It’s so wonderful to see a member of our community having the faith in us as a company, and having faith in a lady that has made some past choices that she regrets but has learnt and grown from so much,” said Loretta.

“We all have pasts and we all have a story, but it doesn’t have to define us.”