Clancy sweeps away his barriers in a new cleaning role

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Clancy Whiteman has found a new purpose in his life since starting his job as a cleaner at Xcell Health and Fitness.

Before starting this role, Clancy was struggling to find work that suited his needs.

Clancy, who has Asperger’s syndrome is only able to work eight hours a week, and because of this, he previously was only able to find unpaid work experience.

Unhappy with this, Clancy made the switch from his original Disability Employment Service provider to EPIC Assist (EPIC). He immediately noticed a difference.

“The previous provider didn’t do much to help me personally, it was all talk and no action,” Clancy said.

“EPIC was super supportive and actively worked to find me a paid job.”

He was particularly impressed by the personalised service provided by his EPIC Employment Consultant, Pat.

“Pat went the extra mile for me, he even took me to Centrelink when my mum couldn’t.”

“He was able to help me get a job that was paid and that I loved.”

Clancy has now been working at Xcell for three months and is thriving. The role is a perfect fit for his needs, working his eight hours across four mornings a week. His favourite tasks to do are vacuuming, wiping mirrors, dusting and saying hello to members.

This job has become an important part of his life.

“Working has made a huge difference. I now have a purpose and a reason to get up in the morning, I’m not bored anymore.”

Kay, Clancy’s mum, has also seen the impact that meaningful employment has made on her son.

“Having Clancy start work at 9 am most mornings has been very helpful, it sets him up for the day,” she said.

“He is now more focused and doing more things with his day.”

Owner of Excell Fitness Centre, Jason, is incredibly happy with Clancy’s work.

“It’s been really great seeing Clancy excel at work, we are really happy he is a part of our team.”

Clancy is incredibly proud of what he has achieved in his role. He is looking forward to continuing working at Xcell far into the future.

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